2018 UOCC Annual Maintenance Fee Statements

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The 2018 UOCC Annual Dues Statements were mailed to University Oaks homeowners on February 9th. The 2018 maintenance fee has been increased by 5%* and will be $194.00.

Enclosed in the envelope with your statement will be the updates to the Payment and Collection Plan that the UOCC  has voted on and filed with Harris County.  Every UO homeowner is receiving a copy of these and they are also on this website under the Resource Center tab. In recent years, the State of Texas has passed laws which impact policies of Home Owner Associations (HOAs);  this payment and collection policy is one such example which will fulfill the requirements passed by the State of Texas legislature.  Please read and make yourself familiar with these, making special note of the policy which requires a late fee of $100.00 to be paid if the maintenance fees are not received by April 30th, 2018.  Additionally there is a 10% per year interest that begins to accrue beginning April 30th.  

Questions regarding these collection and payment policies can be emailed to treasurer@universityoaks.org, mailed to the UOCC, PO Box 8365, Houston, TX. 77288-8365 or brought to a UOCC meeting.

*Section 7.2 of the UOCC Deed Restrictions allow for the maintenance fee to be increased by 5% or less above the previous year's fee without the vote of the majority of UO Civic Club members

LargeTree Waste Collection Resumes March 15th in UO!

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THE STARTING DATE FOR UNIVERSITY OAKS WILL BEGIN MARCH 15th, as we are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month.

Mayor Sylvester Turner stated, “Houstonians should be very thankful and proud of the hard work of their Solid Waste Management employees who worked tirelessly to relieve them of the debris burden and immediate stress created by the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.  City debris crews were on the ground immediately after the floodwaters receded and homeowners began their road to recovery.”  Solid Waste Director Harry Hayes was also very thankful and proud of the work of the department’s employees and noted that “Houston’s solid waste team is extremely dedicated to serving its community especially in their time of extreme need.  Many solid waste employees suffered Harvey damage, but were on the job from day one ensuring that the community quickly recovered.”

• Thursday, March 1, 2018:  Regular Tree Waste Schedule THURSDAY, MARCH 15th for University Oaks
• Monday, April 2, 2018:  Regular Junk Waste Schedule THURSDAY, APRIL 19th for University Oaks

Remember odd months are Tree Waste and even months are Junk Waste.

Tree Waste months:  January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Junk Waste months:  February, April, June, August, October and December.

For more information about SWMD and our services, visit us at www.houstonsolidwaste.org,


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Every two years an election is held for University Oaks Civic Club (UOCC) Board members.  2018 is the year that election will be held and voting will be held at our annual Breakfast (On The Bayou) which will be held on May 5th from 9am-11am.

UOCC April Meeting:Wed., April11th, 7:30PM

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The March 2018 meetings will be held: on Wednesday, April 11th  beginning at 7:30 pm and usually lasting an hour. 

UO Permitted Parking: Synopsis and Update

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The Program

The city of Houston has a  program that establishes parking permit areas in residential neighborhoods with documented parking problems due to "spill over" parking from nearby nonresidential activity centers (such as the University of Houston). University Oaks qualifies for this program due to our proximity to the University of Houston.

 Information about this program and forms can be found at http://www.houstontx.gov/parking/res-faq.html


In about 2010, the streets with the largest parking problem were Varsity, Harvest, University Oaks, Rockwood and Fiesta.  Three residents (non-UOCC Board Members at the time) inquired about the program and began informing residents and collecting the signatures on the provided petition (evidence of resident support). A parking survey, conducted after the survey was submitted, indicated that 60% of the on-street parking spaces are occupied and that 25% or more of those on-street parking spaces are used by non-resident vehicles.  Therefore the five streets qualified for permitted parking. This entire process took about 6 months.

Why wasn’t permitted parking requested for all the streets in UO at that time?  When the five longest streets were available for parking, there were not many vehicles parking on Faculty and Graduate Circle (North MacGregor does not allow for on-street parking).  Therefore, the survey would not have found need on Faculty and Graduate Circle in 2010.  As time passed and the permitted parking program became effective, the parking problem was "pushed' to Faculty and Graduate Circle.  The residents of those streets then became interested in this program for their streets.  In 2013, a petition to establish permitted parking for Graduate Circle and Faculty was completed.  Unfortunately, when the survey was done, the two streets did not meet the threshold of 60% of the on-street parking being occupied.

Current Need

Many residents have suggested that it is time to try again.  With the VUE II opening soon, parking is likely to get worse.  The process will need to be started from the first step--the petition.  It is not necessary for the Civic Club to initiate this process.  In fact, as the three residents who gathered petitions on the first five streets found out, this can best be done by residents of the street(s) who know their neighbors and can communicate the need for this program effectively.  The UO Civic Club will pay the fees from our treasury and are available to give advice on items such as the timing of the survey (obviously, our summer months do not have the biggest parking problems), what days and times to request, etc.  Also two separate applications, one per street, may be best.  As we found out for the first five streets, the program "pushed" vehicles to park on the next, closest-to-UH, available street, with that next street now being able to pass the occupancy survey.

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